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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Destashing for a Good Cause

This is a short post today about de-stashing for a good cause. We are getting ready to sell our house and we are going through all of the stuff we have accumulated in 10 years. I had to come face-to face with how much fabric I had accumulated over the years.  It was borderline "looks-like-a-hoarder-lives-here" territory. I got a lot of it I got when I was still learning what fabrics work best for the things I like to sew.  It was a great deal or really pretty, but some of it, although it is great fabric, will never really work for me.

I was thinking about donating it all to Goodwill with some furniture and clothing we are getting rid of, but I was worried about it just being thrown away.  I recently saw a report that mentioned a shocking number of items donated to thrift stores are thrown away.  It isn't that the thrift store is being wasteful, it is that a lot of people donate junk.  They just don't have the resources to clean or repair things to get it to a sellable state.
My Donation - 12 bags worth
I didn't want the fabric to land in the junk yard because the fine people at Goodwill might not sew or recognize it as anything but trash.  I searched the internet and stumbled across fantastic charity called Stitches of Love.  They are currently working on a Back to School clothing drive for children.  They also have other charities they sew for, so they don't waste any fabric.  I emailed them, and the coordinator, Juereta, responded right away.  She even drove to my house to take the fabric! She was so lovely!

When we are done moving, I am going to contact Juereta again to volunteer some time.  I'm glad I found them! If you are in the Phoenix area and looking to de-stash or volunteer, check them out! I am sure other cities have similar organizations, as well. 

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  1. That's a really good idea. Lots of people also like to sew but don't necessarily want to keep adding to their own wardrobe. What a great way to donate time and extra fabric!!!


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