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Sunday, November 17, 2013

V8766 - Retro-Feel Dress

This is V8766.  I made another dress in a printed Lycra.  I am really gearing up for the holiday eating season. It is super-stretchy and comfortable.  There will be no stopping me at holiday meals.
 I have made V8766 before.  I made the strapless version in a black and white print.  I love that version, but I have never worn it out of the house.  I just don't go to a lot of events that would require a strapless dress.  If we could reclassify going to work or the grocery store, I could say that I go to LOTS of those events. 
 I sewed view F from the pattern.  It is unlined and all seams are serged.  The only things I changed was to add a three and 1/2 inch band at the bottom of the dress, an inch and 1/2 band around the sleeves.  I sewed a removable belt in the same fabric as the bands.  
 The belt is made of heavy-weight pellon stuffed inside a tube of the pink lycra fabric.  I slip-stitched the open end of the tube, did a quick iron to stick the interfacing to the fabric and added some stick-on velcro.  There are probably better ways to make a belt, but this was quick and has the look of a sewn-in waist band.
 The skirt is a half-circle skirt.  The result is retro-esque without the miles of fabric that have made my past dresses so impractical for every day wear.

I actually wore this one to work already.  I work in a male-dominated industry (I'm a computer geek) and my wardrobe doesn't generally get any attention or comments.  Which is actually just fine.  I don't want to stand out for that.  Except this time, I got one comment from my boss who looked at me when I walked in his office and said, "Oh!  That's pink!" then he changed the subject.  WTF.  I have no idea what that means. 

Now I am paranoid. Is it inappropriately pink?  It is an odd dress to wear to work?   Who knows.  I am not sure I'll wear it to work again, but it is still a good holiday eat-fest dress and I liked this pattern.  It is quick and simple.  Only the neckline on the bodice is different from a sloper, but I like the simplicity.
Oh! That's pink!
3.5 yards of polka dot Lycra on sale = 10.50
.5 pink lycra = 1.50
.25 yards heavy weight interfacing - 1.50
TOTAL= $13.50


  1. It's absolutely perfect, and a great work dress!

  2. That's a great dress! Wish I could find polkadot fabric like that here in Norway. I always just find it in sickening candycolors...

  3. I just started reading/stalking your blog. Your dresses are amazing and I can't believe you can find fabric so inexpensively! I have this pattern and have been wanting to try it out. But did not know what type of fabric I wanted to use, now I think I might know!

  4. Thanks, everyone! I'll do a quick post on where I get my fabric. I am downright cheap and don't like to pay very much.

  5. You should really wear the strapless one. It's gorgeous. I wear mine to work with a cardigan. People assume it's a tank.

    I made it out of material I found for $1/yard and got a ton of compliments on it.

  6. The dress is fabulous. Just one question did you stick with your normal size since you made this in lycra and not the fabric recommendations on the pattern envelope?

  7. Did you put darts in it since it is a stretch fabric? I cannot tell from the photos.


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