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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Weekender: Craftsy's Sew-Along Dress Pattern

I took the sew-along class by Craftsy a few weeks ago and made a version of the dress with (most of) the fabric provided by Craftsy.  It was a really comfortable dress in a knit t-shirt fabric.  Although the instructions in the sew-along were less than great, I really, really like the pattern provided, so I made another version in a lycra print.
I think I may have actually made something practical that I can wear to work.   I usually go for 50's style large circle skirts made of miles of fabric that are super-flattering but can't be worn without looking like I'm headed to costume party.  (Except for severe racism, horrible sexism and a distinct lack of iPads, the 50's seem like they were really great.)

This is super stretchy.  I like the fact that there is no pinching, binding or other discomfort when wearing it, no matter what I've had for lunch.
Lycra is stretchy.

I think this is the stuff the Incredible Hulk gets his clothes made out of.  I could gain a serious amount of weight and still wear this dress.
Maybe I'll wear it through the holiday season and eat... everything.  I would like that.  Seconds?  Yes, please.  Dessert?  I'll have some.  Elevensies?  Yup!  I've got the Lycra Weekender.  I'm set.

I like this pattern. 


  1. Oh,such a nice dress and great pictures! You made me smile!

  2. That dress looks super comfy :) and monochrome is always a winner! You look fabulous ;)

  3. Love this dress and your fabric is gorgeous.


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