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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Roaring 20's Halloween Costume: B5768 See&Sew

This year for Halloween: The Roaring 20s.  They take Halloween to the extreme.  Last year the theme was Star Wars.  I went as Padme's battle decoy and the costume took so long to make it was like a part-time job. This year was much easier.  Here I am as a flapper. Here I am dressed for my company's celebration.

For the pattern, at first, I looked everywhere for a for a dropped waist dress, but are a lack of 1920s flapper style dress patterns available.  Instead, I took a modern pattern - See&Sew B5768.
 I made it out of a stretch lycra and is self-lined. The only thing I changed about the pattern was to leave out the zipper.  It turns out that it is REALLY comfortable.  I am definitely making this again with another kind of knit fabric and wearing it to work.  But it wasn't sparkly enough.  I needed some bling.
So I made the exact same dress again out of a sheer fabric with sequins.  Now we are talking.
 I left the zipper in the back and didn't line it.  I also edged it with beads and a row of sequined ribbon.  After I took the photo below, also added some fringe to the bottom, as well.
 I made the headband by sewing together sequined elastic, making a circle of heavy-duty pellon and covering it with fabric.  I sewed some embroidery to it, added some feathers I got from a craft store and added some beads to hang down the center.

I will post some photos of everyone at work when I get permission from them.  They looked so amazing in their gangster and flapper garb!


  1. I absolutely love this. I had no idea you could buy sheer fabric that had beads already sewn on it. I also dressed up as a flapper for Halloween but the only thing that I made was my headband thing. You look wonderful! xo

  2. Nout - I saw yours this morning! I like the fur coat you have! I like how you thrifted so much of it. It looks so great! You look like you stepped out of the 20's. Well done!

  3. Dapper chick ;) The costume is lovely, and how creative to use that method. I would never have seen that modern pattern as a flapper dress! You obviously have a good "could-be" eye!


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