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Monday, April 16, 2012

Strapless Black and White Dress V8766

This dress is from view C of Vogue 8766.  I chose a silky synthetic fabric for the fashion fabric and lined it in a white apparel lining.

This picture is actually the second attempt at the dress.  For the first attempt, I used lining, fashion fabric and boning as the pattern directed, but it just wasn't thick enough fabric to make this look work.  It was droopy and looked strange.  (I wish I had photos, but I didn't take any)

I left the dress hanging in the guest bedroom closet, unhemmed and semi-finished and was disappointed that I would never wear it and didn't know how to fix it.  Then, I took an online sewing course that dealt with bodice construction (the Bombshell Dress) and I learned a few techniques that very much helped for this dress.

One of the things I picked up from the Bombshell dress course was to  make a more constructed garment and how to reinforce the fashion fabric with another layer of fabric.  For the bombshell dress, it was a layer of muslin sewn to the fashion fabric.

I took apart the dress, which I knew was the best thing if I ever wanted to wear it, but it was still a little painful...  I sewed a layer of muslin to the fashion fabric and used them as if they were one layer.  It made all the difference! VoilĂ !  No more droop. 

Still, the only thing I don't like about the dress... it isn't fitted in the bodice.  Although there is boning in it and it has a layer of muslin and lining, so it holds up vertically, it doesn't really hug the curves.   It makes the girls look pretty flat from the side. I would have liked the front more rounded and fitted around them (I mean, if you are going to bother to take them out to a party, you should cradle them)

I would make the dress again, but pay more attention to the princess seams on the front.  Either the pattern needs adjusting or I may not have sewn them correctly. Or the boning needs to be adjusted so it doesn't flatten the front out.  Or, I just need to make a smaller size... or just make small bust (sigh) adjustments.

The inside of the dress.  It was really tough to get the zipper in straight with the slippery material.  I had to sew it in then take it out several times.

Overall, I like the dress and would make the pattern again.  I may make one of the other views with sleeves next time.  I like the look of the lace on the view F.  I would like to try that.  Plus, the strapless version ends up looking so dressy that it looks strange if you just wear it out for fun.  This is not a "I'm heading out for coffee on a Sunday morning" dress, but view F of the pattern could be with a different fabric choice.


  1. That fabric makes my heart hurt- where did you get it? The green with it is just lovely- nicely done.

    1. It does look headache-inducing on camera, doesn't it? It isn't as bad in person, I swear. I got the fabric at SAS Fabrics in Phoenix. It is a place that looks like a warehouse that sells some really cheap fabrics. Some of it is irregular. This was not over $2.00 a yard. I hate spending a lot of money on fabrics when I am just playing.

  2. Hey Cherie !

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. You actually dropped in right on time, because I'm planning on making the sleeveless version of the dress. Although, I'm not crazy about the straight vertical bodice... A strapless dress should hug the body a bit more...

    1. I agree... but I'd be curious if I didn't make it small enough and that is the actual problem. If you make it, post it- I follow your blog on bloglovin, so I'll be sure and look for it.

  3. Seems this is a very popular pattern. I'm about to embark on view F. I have a different bust related challenge (more Mad Men than Twiggy, if you know what I mean) so am not game to try the sleeveless variant. Still, it's got me thinking about learning some corsetry techniques and having a go. I've seen some amazing bloggers out there doing corsetry and costume construction and I think there's a lot to learn from that community.

  4. I'm enjoying your blog a lot and working my way through it. I can't tell from the line drawing how curved the seams over the bust are, but I did have a thought - when I made the bodice of my wedding dress it looked very flat despite very curved seams (in pretty much the same position) - then i stitched in the ditch by hand between the lining and the fashion fabric. It seemed to wrestle the boning into position pretty well!

  5. Hey, do you’ve any of these strapless dresses? Hahaha, I’ve and I never forget to use Bye Bra breast stickers for that very tight breasts. What are your experiences with strapless bras?


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