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Friday, July 5, 2013

Vogue 2903 in Blue

Is there any polite way to tell someone sitting next to you in a meeting that they are truly driving you nuts with their gum chewing and popping?  I recently pondered it for 60 excruciating minutes in a row.  The only thing that came close was a joke like, "Wow, you are really chewing the hell out of that gum, aren't you?"  Yes, indeedy, THAT was the closest thing to polite I could think of.  Luckily, it didn't make it past my filter.   So, I made a dress.
This is Vogue 2903.  I made it before for a costume for a redneck-themed party and I really loved the fit.  It was in a stretch camoflage fabric.  This time I sewed it in a cotton blend.  I am not sure what the fiber content was.  It was $1.00 a yard, so the cost of the dress was about $5.00.  I was thrilled to find it.  It is a nice weight and I didn't have to line it.
 Here is the pattern picture.  I ended up making a sleeveless version.  I made some bias tape to wrap around the armholes instead of the sleeves.
 Last time I made it, I didn't put in the pleats - partly because I didn't have a lot of time to finish the dress, partly because the instructions for them confused me.  Here is a pleat.
 Here is the pleat from the back, all ironed in place.
 The trick was just to sew a line straight from the seam and then iron it.  I spent a long time trying to figure that out. In the end, I am not sure if I like the pleats in the dress.  I like the flowy look in the previous version I did.  This one doesn't have that same quality.
 The main issue with this dress was my sewing machine.  This is what the sewing machine was doing to the outside of the (very visible) stitching.  The tension looks off, but nothing I did to adjust it seemed to work predictably.
 And inside (on the underside of the stitching line when I was sewing) was even more of a mess.
I took out some stitching several times until the sewing machine acted right.  So, my question is: what issue is this?  I adjusted the stitch length, the tension... what issue is this?  Is it just time to get a better machine?  Has anyone else experienced this?


  1. your problem is your bobbin...always start with the bobbin

  2. Do you still have your manual that came with the machine? I would start there, then find some of the sewing machine gurus on youtube and maybe ask them.

  3. Check, double check, and then again - the bobbin and threading. Sewing machines can just have an off day like the rest of us sometimes. But regardless this is a super looking dress - love the colour...J

  4. I tend to agree that it's probably a bobbin issue.. sometimes when mine is crazyness its because the bobbin thread is either nto tight enough, or the other end is sticking through (does that make sense?) or its in upsidedown :) but i think the dress is lovely:)

  5. The best trick I have ever heard to adjust tension comes from an old Kenmore manual:

    1. cut a 4" square of fabric.
    2. sew it on the bias (kitty-corner)
    3. pull the fabric until the thread snaps.
    4. examine to see if it's the top thread, or the bobbin thread that snapped. The one that snapped has higher tension.

    Sometimes when the threading & the tension are both good, it's just time for a new needle.

  6. Thanks for all of your comments... I have been messing with the bobbin and doing all sorts of stuff and I can't get it to dependably sew at a good tension. I also replaced the needle. This MUST mean that I NEED to buy a new machine, right?

    1. Yes you do NEED a new machine, but get a serger! I just got one and I love love love love love it. It takes sewing to a whole new level of ease. It is fabulous to work with knits. You need a serger. They have come down in price.

  7. It may mean you need to get your machine serviced. I couldn't get the tension right on my machine even after adjusting the bobbin and changing the needle, but once I spent $60 getting it serviced it worked like a dream.

  8. Hi, just came upon your review via PR. Congratulations for even persevering when your machine was misbehaving to that degree. I agree it was something to do with the bobbin, hope you resolved it one way or another !


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