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Monday, April 22, 2013

V2903 - Retro in Camouflage

I had an event to dress up for that had a Redneck/Camo theme and since I don't miss many opportunities to walk around with big hair and lots of makeup, I did it 50's style.   Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures taken when my hair was big and rockabilly, but I did get pictures of the dress, made from Vogue 2903.

This is the original pattern.
V2903 Pattern
I meant the dress to be a joke.  It is 50's.... and camouflage. But the thing is, I REALLY love this pattern. It is super figure flattering.  I don't have nearly as nice of a figure as it looks like in this dress.  Which everybody knows is the sign of a good dress.
One thing I changed was the pleats.  In the pattern, there are large pleats in the skirt section.  I started to make them with the knit and it was a complete fail.  I ended up skipping it entirely and the way the fabric falls, it almost looks like they are there, anyway.

I used a stretch knit for the fabric, so although the pattern has a zipper down the back, I skipped it.  It easily fits over my shoulders without having to fuss with a zipper installation.
I also got to make a size that didn't include and much ease.  I love that about knits.  A close fit AND the ability to breathe.
On the bottom of the skirt, I just used a serger and didn't hem it.  I figured hemming was too much for a redneck theme.  And it is handy since it is my least favorite part of making the dress.  Does anyone like hemming?  It always seems like a tedious detail after you have done all of the fun work.
Hems - the redneck way
Bottom line: I am going to make this again in a different fabric.  Maybe even another knit.  I'd like a dress I can wear in public without being stared at so much (for all the wrong reasons).  


  1. Interesting dress! It is very flattering on you. I like how you used camo to make this, very creative!!!

    1. Thank you! I didn't expect to like it. Now I am wishing for events to wear camo to. Which feels just wrong.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sassy. Anyone who reads this should check out your facebook page for posting projects. Plus, you have links to episodes of the Great British Sewing Bee. I am looking forward to sewing and watching it this weekend.

  3. To look more "joke-y" you would have needed a really really really big petticoat made with heaps of gathered tulle(?)


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