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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Costume: Star Wars Sabe Decoy - Part 2

I have finished the dress for my Halloween costume.  I started with merging two patterns for the dress (Star Wars Sabe Decoy - Part 1).  The dress turned out fairly close to the picture from the movie, but the hard part is the sleeves and the vest.

 The fabric in the vest seems to be striped with uneven stripes.  I searched all over, but couldn't find anything close to it.  I decided to make use of the serger and make my own.

I cut strips of a stretch mesh and a stretch crush velvet type fabric and serge them together in stripes.

I like the result and it was fun to do since I didn't really have to pay close attention to the width of the stripes.  They look like they ares slightly different widths.

I sewed two rows of it to each sleeve before sewing them together, then attached them to the dress.

Next, I made a pattern for the vest by pinning and cutting tissue paper to the dress form.

Once I got the pieces the way I wanted, I cut a layer of black netting a little bigger than the pattern piece (to allow for seam allowances), then attached the rows of striped fabric to it.

I cleaned up all edges with a serger and sewed the pieces together.

Next, the belt.  I made a pattern piece in the shape I wanted, then cut heavy-weight pellon the same size.  I ironed it on the back of a piece of pleather larger than the pellon.

I wrapped the edges around the pleather and duct taped it.

Next, I cut two pieces of cotton a little larger than pattern, sewed them right sides together, then turned them right side out.

I sewed the cotton piece to the back of the belt, going around the edges.  Then, I turned the edges of the ends in and attached velcro for the closure.

This is the finished dress.  I think it looks a lot like the photo of the costume.  The belt is a little thick and I need to iron it more, but it is pretty close.

Next step: the headdress.

Sabe Costume Part 1  Dress
Sabe Costume Part 2  Vest
Sabe Costume Part 3 Headdress
Sabe Costume Part 4 Headdress
Sabe Costume Part 5 All Together Now

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