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Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Costume: Star Wars Sabe Decoy - Part 1

Sabe Battle Decoy, Episode One
This year for Halloween, I am making my own Star Wars costume.  I am going with the battle costume worn by Sabe, the decoy in Episode One. 

I am making the red dress first, then doing the overcoat/vest after.  It looks like it is attached at the sleeves, so I will do that, but otherwise leave it unattached for the rest of the dress, relying in the belt to hold it together.


For the fabric, I went to a discount upholstery store and got 5 yards for of red polyester fabric that looks somewhere between raw silk (it is not) and some kind of shimmer.  I got one yard of the same fabric in black for the v-neck.


I tried to look for a kimono pattern, but didn't end up finding much. I ended up doing a combination of two different patterns.  I started with the bodice from Vogue 8789 (view A) and modified it slightly.  It isn't a kimono style, but it has a v-neck in the pattern and that was close enough for me since it meant that I don't have to buy a pattern since this one is in my stash.  I made the following modifications:
  • The back of the bodice on the pattern had the v-neck on the back, as well, but I rounded that out so there is no v-neck in back.
  • I made a bias out of the black fabric and finished the  v-neck on the front and back
  • I took out the back darts, since I wanted a less fitted look at the waist
Burda 12/2011 V-neck Blouse

I used skirt from Burda Style 12/2011 V-neck Blouse #106.  The pattern includes a modification to make the shirt into a dress and has the pleat in front that I am looking for.  I didn't use the top of the blouse because I didn't want to deal with the band around the lower bodice.  I knew I would have to lengthen the bodice and get rid of the band, so it was easier just to use the Vogue.

Plus, two more issues.... I didn't like the pleats on the front (and it has many more on the back) and the instructions were terrible. I just didn't want to put in that much work on a pattern I was going to cover up with a black v-neck.

I like that it has puffy sleeves that should work nicely if I don't add the cuff.

 Here is the dress so far without the sleeves.  I am happy with the pleat in the skirt and I think the v-neck is close enough for me.

Sabe Costume Part 1  Dress
Sabe Costume Part 2  Vest
Sabe Costume Part 3 Headdress
Sabe Costume Part 4 Headdress
Sabe Costume Part 5 All Together Now

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