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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sewing a Wedding Dress

I am on the lookout for wedding dress patterns for my wedding next year.  On my search for dresses, I found a site from wedding dress designer Lizzie Agnew.  She is a wedding dress designer based in Belfast who does dresses with a retro theme.  I was browsing and saw her concept of the "dress to go".  This is the picture of the dress and when I saw it, I thought that it was lovely, but was confused as to why it was to go.
Then.... she has pictures of how the dress is assembled.  It is a high-waisted skirt with a scarf-tied around for the bodice.  Brilliant!

 How clever is that?  If you have bridesmaids, you could avoid a lot of fitting sessions and risks of dresses that don't fit using this technique.  And it looks so pretty!

As wonderful as that dress is, it is really the pictures of the other dresses that won me over.  Look at this one:
 I love the sheer fabric around the shoulders on this one.
The lace on this is so beautiful.

For this one, it is all about the bow in the front.
 I love this one with the slim skirt, too.  The veil is a perfect fit.
I don't know Lizzie Agnew or get anything for having promoted her site, but I think her dresses are just beautiful and am excited to make my own version of a 50's cocktail dress for my wedding next year.  Vogue just re-released one that looks promising, as well - V8999.
I think I could definitely adjust it so that it will work.  The back of the V8999 dress has a tie which I would remove, but otherwise, this would work well in a thick raw silk.  Or maybe dupioni.
Have any of you sewn your own wedding dress?  Am I biting off more than I can chew or is it, in the end, just sewing another dress with better fabric than you usually use?

*All photos but the last one are copyright Lizzie Agnew.  The last photo is property of Vogue Patterns.


  1. So many lovely options to chose from ~ your dress will be brilliant! I helped to sew my dress back in the 80's, it really is a great experience ... J

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I'll bet your dress was terrific!

  2. The "dress to go" is SO adorable! What a FAAAAABULOUS IDEA! I'm thinking of using some cute cotton prints and solids to make a bunch of mix & match versions for spring/summer wearing! Thank you for posting this, I can't wait to start sewing!!!!

    1. Isn't that dress to go clever? I really like it and it inspired me, as well.


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