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Sunday, February 16, 2014

V8944: The Unintentional Logan's Run Dress

After a bit of a holiday break, I got back into the swing of sewing with an easy little pattern - V8944.  While I am more drawn to retro dresses, I still need to make things that are more practical for work.  Here is the result.  Which I was mostly pleased with because it is really, really comfortable and really roomy.  So, I wore it to work.
That is where the trouble started.  I walked in the office and my boss said that the dress looked like the uniform they wear in Logan's Run. Oh.  My.  He has a point, but that news is less than awesome. 
I probably should have chosen three colors like the pattern cover. One thing is clear - I can't imagine I will wear this dress again. 
But my boss' comment isn't actually the only issue with this dress.  I had to wear a cardigan with it because the back gapes at the neckline.  It is actually worse than the photo shows. I have never had a dress do that.  If I were going to fix it, I would have to put in shoulder darts to correct the issue, which would require me to take apart the fully self-lined bodice.  I am just not going to do it for what turned out to be a Logan's Run costume.
I'll put this in the "mishap" file.  It was nice to be sewing again, but for my next project I'll make a dress I have made before and I know fits really well.  I need a surefire win and this isn't it. On the up side, if I want to make a Halloween costume with a movie theme, I already have a perfect pattern.


  1. Very unfortunate coincidence!!

    1. Yes... bad color choices. I didn't think it through!

  2. It will work great for my evening out. I will most definitely order from this company again. The dress was a tad small, so I ordered a size up. But other than that, this dress is a winner. It is so pretty and classy.


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