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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Things That Are Cracking Me Up This Week

This.  Is.  Funny.
Knitted Privacy Sock by Becky Stern
It is knitted and worn for privacy when using your laptop in public places.  Best of all, the instructions to knit it are on Intructables. Yup, you can knit your own.  It is made by artist Becky Stern who has a Web site full of all kinds of neat/wacky/geeky things I couldn't stop looking at.

The next thing making me smile this week is this great  photo from Megan Nielson Design Diary.  And I admit to going back to the post more than once this week just to look at her Incredibly Shite Shirt.  She titled it that, but I'd have to agree.  But it is also brilliant and I love it. 
Shite Shirt from Megan Nielson Design Diary
What I really want to do is have a Shite Outfit Cocktail Party.  That would be a lot of fun and the photos from it would be amazing.  Anyone want to join me for cocktails in a home-made Shite Outfit?

Anyway, next up on my cutting board is this lovely polished cotton in a floral on a black background.
It is a really stiff fabric, so I think it will be a great fit for this pattern (Vogue 2960).  I have made this pattern before, but it was two years ago when I first started sewing. I spent weeks on the dress and it didn't fit right.  I remember struggling with the bound button holes and ended up skipping them entirely.  I wore it just once outside of the house.  I am excited to try it again and see how it goes since I still love this pattern.
Vogue 2960


  1. Oh wow that privacy sock is hilarious! At first I thought it was someone all tangled up and trying to get out of some massive jumper...

    Your upcoming dress looks like it will be really pretty :)

    1. It does look like someone doing a horrible job at getting dressed, doesn't it?
      I hope the dress will be good... I am in the middle of it now. :)

  2. The sock is hilarious. Think I'l re-post

    1. I reposted the shite shirt, too. :) I am glad other people find it funny, too!

  3. That sock looks hilarious! Mind you, with the heatwave that we're experiencing at present, it also looks horribly hot.
    Your up and coming dress should look spectacular. Gorgeous fabric.

    1. Yes, it has been over 110 the last month in Phoenix... no need for a giant sock. Thanks for the encouragement on the next dress! It is starting to come together! I'll post it soon.

  4. I need someone to knit me that privacy sock! Perfect for when I want to ignore my children. Can't wait to see your dress. Like you I made up that pattern when I started sewing, and totally bodged it. Maybe seeing yours will motivate me to try again.


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