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Monday, May 13, 2013

Sewing Room Reorganization

My new sewing room organization.
Lately I have been inspired by all the posts about other people's sewing rooms.  My sewing room gets to be an unmanageable mess.  I solved it for awhile with banker's boxes full of fabric.  But then I couldn't find anything because I had to dig through the boxes.  Then, I wouldn't put things back properly and it was just a mess.  Even when it was all put together, it just looked like stacks of banker's boxes.  Like maybe I was just moving in.  Or going to move out.  But bad.

I read Victoria's post on  Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing about her sewing room reorganization.  I loved the picture of what a 49 yard fabric splurge looked like.  I am ashamed to admit that I know what that looks like first-hand.  It is also handy that my fella does not read my blog - he just might be horrified if I showed him just how much fabric I have.  To be clear, I don't lie about my fabric purchases, but his eyes start glazing over when I talk about crafts and I simply use it to my advantage.

I did some searching and found this on Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing.  She has the swatches of the fabric pinned to the box.  Whoa!  Swatches! That is genius!  No more digging through boxes!
Gertie's sewing room.  Pretty pink!
It seems that IKEA is a common theme in sewing rooms.  This is from Custom Style.
Custom Style's sewing room.  Great use of space!
 It is a series of IKEA Lack tables put together for storage.  I thought it was very clever because many of us are dealing with a small space and absurd amounts of crafting supplies.

Look at Yankee Girl Sue's sewing room.  Oooooh!  Pretty!
Yankee Girl Sue's Sewing Room IKEA-rific!
Here is my own.  Inspired by all of them.  My dress form is to the right.  I keep the iron in a cubby-hole on the left because I have a small ironing board I put on a table right next to it.
 I made boxes for my patterns and covered  them with scrap-booking paper.  A file cabinet would have been better, but I don't have the space for one.
Here is the other wall opposite of the IKEA shelf.  I keep my slopers pinned to the wall above the sewing machines.  Above are some photos I took a few years back.
And my cutting surface.  I only wish it were a little taller.  I keep trying to think of some ideas to raise it about 12-15 inches so it is easier and less back-breaking when cutting fabric. I'd like to make it better than just putting some books under the table legs.  Maybe it will require a trip to IKEA and something like Custom Style...
Thanks for taking a look!


  1. It looks like a great, work-friendly space! Mine is still a work-in-progress but, you can bet I have Ikea in mine too ;)

    1. This is actually the cleanest it ever is. I almost HAD to take photos. usually there are three half-finished projects going. Good luck on yours! IKEA is fun.

  2. How about bed risers to raise your cutting table? Google shows them at Walmart, from 5 to 8 inches tall.

    1. That isn't a bad idea. I suppose if they are made for a bed, they could support a table.

  3. You say you don't have room for a filing cabinet, and that you'd like your cutting table to be higher; my cutting table consists of a door, laid across two Ikea units, one of which is just a cupboard, and one is a filing cabinet. It's nice and high so I don't have to bend too much when I'm laying out and cutting fabric, and it stores patterns at one end and fabric at the other, without taking up too much extra space. Could you take the legs off your table and use filing cabinets to prop it up instead?

    1. That might not be bad... I have seen some table tops at IKEA in the scratch and dent section. If I put some shelves under them it would work - plus storage. Thanks!

  4. To raise the table you've got, just buy some PVC pipe and cut it the length needed to fit on each leg to raise the table to the height you want. The angled legs of the table will stop the PVC from going more than the first few inches up the legs.

    It's a cheap and quick fix until you decide to build something better. =)

    My sewing room rarely looks as clean as the photo you posted either! Looks like you have a great space!

    1. Yes... my sewing room is a mess right now. I have a trash can, but when I am cutting fabric, the whole floor is a rubbish bin. PVC might work, too. I wonder if the legs would stick far out from the table with the extra length, though. I'll look into it. Thanks! Good idea!

  5. Try bed risers for your cutting table.


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