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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Project Peggy Dress

I am in the middle of the final project for my pattern drafting class.  The project is to take the set of slopers (basic pattern blocks) we made from our own measurements, draw a dress on a croquis (a fashion sketch), and adjust the slopers to make a usable pattern that produces one of the dresses we drew.  Finally, after making a muslin, we will have the final dress.

I am so excited to make a dress pattern from a drawing!  I couldn't have begun to do that just 3 months ago.

A-Line Red Dress
Vintage Stripes

I drew three dresses.  I don't pretend to be original with them... I like vintage looks, so I set about recreating some dresses that I have seen online and love - all while making small design changes so that they are the most flattering for me.

The first one is a basic vintage look with an A-line skirt.  It has a zipper down the back and some contrasting trim. The second dress is a take-off of a the kind of dress I have seen in different vintage clothing photos.  Plus, I thought it might be interesting to use some striped material I have had in my stash for awhile.

But the third dress is the one I am doing the project on.

I was inspired by Mad Men.  This dress is somewhere between Peggy and Joan and I have been drooling over both dresses since seeing them.

I modified it and gave my dress a flared skirt since those are more flattering on my figure, but I put in the sailor's aspects of the Joan dress.  I have yet to find fabric, so I'll see where the dress lands.

If I manage to find the checked material, then I will probably change the design to be much closer the the Peggy dress.

Peggy in a checked dress
Joan's Nautical Dress

I am doing the pattern work now... it turns out there is really a lot going on it the pattern.  I am making an empire bodice, adding the lower bodice to a skirt, then adjusting the darts.  I'll be flaring the skirt, making an asymetrical front skirt, then also making fitted sleeves.  I am not sure how to attach the collar quite yet, but I am hoping it turns out.  I'll post more when I get the first muslin done.

This is due on Monday... which is just after the Thanksgiving holiday.  It will be hard finding the time since we will have a full house this year with 9 guests coming over.  It will be fun, but wow, that is a lot of cooking.  I am actually feeling pretty lucky that nine people want to spend the day with us.  They could be anywhere, but they are choosing to spend time here.  Or it could be that I have promised mimosas, home-made egg nog, wine and I am a total foodie who won't buy anything pre-made or processed.  Hard to say.

A happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  And for my friends outside of the U.S.... have a happy uneventful, regular old Thursday.


  1. Love the dress! Excited to see the finished product!

    1. Thanks! I have now finished with the pattern, but have yet to sew the first muslin. I hope it turns out. I am excited about the process.

  2. wow! I love the blue dress. If I saw it in a shop I would buy it.


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