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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Tutorial: French Seams

A new pattern I am working on calls for the bodice and skirt to be sewn using French seams.  I had heard of it and it certainly sounds snobby enough to be appealing, so I am all in.  The pattern directions had a brief description of what French seams are, but I didn't find it particularly useful, so I have written these instructions.  It turns out that these are really, really easy.
  • Start separate pieces of fabric that must be sewn together. (of course)
  •  Put the wrong sides of the fabric together.  It is backwards of how we normally sew.
  •  Sew the fabric, wrong sides together, with a small seam allowance.
  •  After sewing, cut the fabric close to the seam.
  •  Fold over the fabric so that right sides are together and sew as narrow of a seam allowance as possible, while hiding first seam in the fold.
  •  VoilĂ .  The inside of your garment looks nice and will not fray
  •  Close-up view of wrong side of French seam.


  1. I just love using French seams, and once learnt they really are quick to do. So, what pattern are you making that needed French seams????

    1. I am currently making Vogue 1158. I have finished enough of it to know I don't like it. It's really terrible on me... but I am ultra happy to have learned about French seams.

  2. Wow, that's so awesome!


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