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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fabric and Pattern Sales.... uh oh.

There was a fabric sale.... and I have just bought yards and yards and yards of fabric with no clear plan on how I am going to use them.  They are just so pretty. And please pay no attention to the fact that I have a closet full of pretty fabrics with no plan on how I am going to use those, either.  But these were $1.50 a yard.  How could I resist? I have about 6 yards of each of these.

Blue flowers
Red and pink floral

Large black, white and grey floral
These are all a synthetic silky type fabric.   I think all of these will make great dresses.

Since I was also recently the lucky beneficiary (or victim?) of a pattern sale at Vogue, I have plenty of pattern choices in my stock.

I am leaning towards using the pink and red flowers for B4919 and sewing that first.  On an interesting note, the directions on the back of the pattern envelope say not to use obvious diagonals or stripes for fabric.  In other words, do not attempt View A at home.



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  1. Very nice, you will have fun.

  2. I like the B5209 ! Have you tried making it yet ?

    1. I haven't tried yet... It is definitely on my list of things to make... I think I will make it with one of these fabrics. I like the dress because it is retro, but since it is the 40's is a little less fabric and less conspicuous than the full circle skirts of the 50's dresses.

  3. This kind of fabric also makes a nice lining to a blazer. A little *splendid* secret, that most people don't get to see :)


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