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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Starlet Suit Jacket, Part One

I am so excited to be following my second Craftsy course - The Starlet Suit Jacket. Here is a picture of the finished product from the course (picture stolen from Gertie's site).

I wanted to do this suit in a red tweed, but I couldn't find it except online for more money than I wanted to pay per yard.  I found a yellow fabric for 1.50 a yard that reminds me of the example suit. It is kind of a denim-ish thickness.
Here is a picture of the front pieces of the jacket.  The princess seam is sewn and in the background the collar is partially constructed and shaped.

 The lesson shows two ways to do the tailoring - both sew-in and iron-in facing.  I chose the iron-in.  

 The best part of this lesson so far for me is the bound buttonholes.  I really loved this part! Not all of mine are perfect, but I am so happy to have had a tutorial that I was able to follow to do them.  I practiced them on scraps of fabric to get the hang of it first.  I suspect I needed more practice, but am not totally displeased with the results. Here they are!

 Next steps are to construct the collar and the inside of the jacket. 
Click here for part two of this project.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good so far, you read my mind, this is one of the classes I will take. But later this year- I'm going to make mine out of brown tweed with leather-bound strips around the lapel and collar.

    Looking forward to more from you about this!

    Caffy x


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