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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Garbage Can

I made a new garbage can for the sewing room.  I had some leftover heavyweight Pellon from the iPad cover project - I way over-purchased- and some fabric from the remnant pile.
Here is the finished trash can.

Cut from fabric:
8 rectangles 19 inches x 9 inches each
2 squares 9 X 9 inches
Cut from heavyweight Pellon
4 rectangles 8 X 13
Use 1/2 inch seam allowance for sewing fabric

1. Iron the Pellon on the wrong sides of 4 of the fabric rectangles, so that it is about 1/2 inch from three of the sides. 
2. Sew the long sides of 4 of the rectangles together so that you have 3 seams and 4 panels (with the Pellon ironed in).  Sew as close to the Pellon as possible.
3. With right sides together, sew forth edge together.  The Pellon will be on the outside and the right side of the fabric will be on the inside.
4. Sew on the square to the bottom of the rectangle.  This is the inside of the can.
5. Repeat making the rectangle with the other set of fabric pieces.  Turn right side out.  This is the outside of the can.  Insert inside of can (completed in previous step) into outside of can, so that only the right sides of fabric are showing.
5. Fold over one inch of fabric twice and hem.  It now looks like a paper sack.  You can fold over the entire top of the trash can - there should be approximately 5 inches that fold over. (see picture)


  1. thank you! I have been thinking of making a fabric trash can but somehow forgot about Pellon interfacing. Great tutorial!

    1. Thanks! I was thinking of making a pattern, but it really is just squares... if you find ways to improve the process, let me know. I just wing it sometimes. ;)


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