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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Sewing Room

I now have a sewing room!  No longer does the living room look like a sweat shop.  We emptied out the guest bedroom and got rid of the guest bed.  I am not terribly sure how to break it to the guests who stay here for a week once a year, but since they just left, I have months to worry about that.

The truth is, it was a room that was used for one week out of every year and I am really happy to be getting my own space.  It also doubles as a place I can use on the days I work from home, which is about once a week.

I grabbed two tables from the garage and my old drafting table from college.  It is also going to be the crafting room, since I am a serial hobbyist and am also interested in polymer clay and other jewelry-making.

Here it is!

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