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Friday, August 5, 2011

Vintage Black Strapless V2961

I tried out Vogue vintage 2961.  I bought a black cotton and then lined it with what looks like was meant to be suitcase lining.  Since I am still learning to sew, I found everything in the bargain bin for about $1.00 a yard.  I don't want to buy expensive fabrics quite yet.

Here is the pattern cover.
The pattern called for only the bodice to be lined, but I lined the entire dress.  I made the buttons out of polymer clay  (one of my other interests) and was quite happy to not have to deal with a zipper.
I really like how this turned out and already wore it to a wedding reception.  Here is a close-up of the buttons and inside the dress.  I'd like to make this again with different fabric and work on the fit more.  I had to try it on and take it off to re-do the hems multiple times to get it to fit better.  I really needed to cut about a size 12, but I was paranoid about cutting it too small, so I figured a 14 would be better to cut.  And if that was better, then a 16 would be fantastic.  (it wasn't)

This was my first experience inserting boning into a dress.  It really wouldn't stay up on its own without the support.

I had trouble with the ties for the straps.  I can only really wear them together since I (apparently) didn't feel it was important to note the little circles on the pattern for when you should stop sewing the straps to the bodice.  Mine are a bit lopsided.  Still, I am going to call it a success.


  1. LOL! i have the first pattern dress i ever made still waiting to be finished because i also thought it would be such a great idea to cut a bit big. I need to take in the sides now so i just hung it on my dress form for the last few months haha. i guess thats how we learn

    1. I am happy to hear other people have the same experience with cutting the pattern too big. I had no idea how to read the pattern ease. Since I took the online sewing classes, fit is so much easier.


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